Workbook: Finding Your Very Big Vision

by Ingrid Lill

Part 1:
Completing the exercise below helps to identify the three best work (or play!) situations and how they made us feel. Were they successful? Why?

It’s a first step in identifying what it is that we love, especially if we often bury it as a fleeting experience. If we enjoyed it, why not find other situations which recreate it.

There are two big life questions at the bottom.

Ingen- Finding Your Big Vision
You can print the sheet, or follow the exercise mentally. Enjoy!



Part 2:

This exercise digs deeper into the situations we enjoyed. The pointed questions help us draw out “the good stuff” so that we can take a good look at what we got out of the situation.

On the right hand side, we can think about the impact we made on others. So many of us want to make an impact, but don’t realize the times when we do. This exercise helps you identify the value you add and how it relates to situations you’ve most enjoyed.

Is there a correlation between the two?

Ingen- Finding Your Big Vision 2



Part 3:

This exercise is meant to distill your findings from the other two above.  It’s a word map you can check any opportunity against to see whether it aligns with your vision. This is your passion, and you might call it your purpose.  What impact would you like to have on the world?  What words bring about a feeling of contentment, fullness, and accomplishment?


Ingen- Finding Your Big Vision 3

What did you find?  Please comment below, along with any suggestions and feedback.

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