30 Days of Change: Project Reboot

Ok, So here’s a little Backstory:

Last Friday marked my last day of work at a job I’ve held for over nine years, my longest gig ever. Looking out at the view from my little corner of the world, this change is easily a big and scary deal!

And yet, I guess I could say that it’s a chance to use this window of time as a gift of opportunity.

For the past several months I’ve been working with artist and self inquiry guide Ingrid Lill. We’ve been keeping each other awake nights, swapping crazy ideas and developing fun tools to work with people who’d like to investigate life’s toughest questions.  We began to dig into phrases like:

Follow Your Heart!

Find a State of Flow!

Find Your Purpose!

What we’ve found is that before finding the answers to any of those we first need to look at life’s biggest and most important query: Who Am I?  Or.  “Who is it that’s finding all of that?”

And it looks like right now I’ve got time on my hands to dig in.  There’s no better way to take advantage of this time of uncertainty than by using it to test our ideas about how these questions should be approached, then make the answers fly.

How to Grow Wings

Instead of falling prey to job hunting anxiety, I’ve decided to meet each uncertain day fully, with enthusiasm, and yes, even with joy. I’ll remain open to new opportunity and experience. And I’ll test the Follow Your Heart and Inquiry tools to see where they take me.

The Plan

I’ll shuffle the decks (and try to stack them!) by breaking old and worn paradigms that keep me stagnant, throw doors open wide, and unceremoniously shut those that aren’t serving to move life forward.

How will 30 Days of Change answer life’s biggest questions?

Whether we realize it or not, no matter how “independent” and innovative we believe our thought process to be, we remain heavily conditioned by the environment, people, and circumstances that surround us. To make room for bright, new ideas, encouraging and amazing people, and open up to a deluge of creativity and innovation, we need to brush off cobwebs by purposely doing things that are out of character and routine. It’s the only way we can discover what’s left when we’re not living someone else’s ideas of who we should be.

In this blog, I’ll tell you what each day reveals.  We’ll look at some observations about life, purpose, identity, and flow. I’ll also test and demonstrate one of the tools we plan to offer on the imaginedself.com portal.

1st Prize? To land on the other side of 30 days with a more fulfilling life experience.

This experiment is for me, but it’s for you too if you want it.  Invite creativity and innovation to your daily routine and don’t be afraid to join in. Shake things up in your world by designing your own #30daysofchange commitment.