About This Blog



Hi.   It’s Delma.

Have a seat.  Take a look around.  This blog highlights my #30DaysofChange project in honor of my finding myself unemployed after 9 and 1/2 years at the same job.  I want to engineer a career change—from data management to writer. And this blog is about how I’m going to initiate that process.

Each day I’ll make changes large and small and reflect on the effects of how routine conditions us into living in the status quo.  The small and incremental changes will show us the way out and into creativity and a life lived in flow.

I’m going to look at all of this through the lens of a life changing realization I have experienced, which is that there is no “I” that is small, powerless, or separate from the world.  We actually already live in flow and just need to recognize it.

Follow me through the first 30 days.

The separate You who has to navigate, survive, or conquer the world is an illusion.  Life is already in flow.

“Make unknown your new comfort zone.” – Ingrid Lill

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