You’ve Landed Your Dream Job. Now What?


You’ve found your passion and followed your bliss.

Here you are.  You’ve done your homework. You’ve searched your soul and peered into the caverns of your subconscious to find the Thing You Must Do.  You know what you want to Be and have made great strides toward getting there.  Maybe you’ve even found your dream job.

So when do nagging questions about lasting bliss begin knocking around inside your thought stream?  Should you bother ensuring that this happiness does last?  What if that long journey to finding your dream job is just a step on your new path to a lifetime of meaningful work?  Is it possible that you should continue a search to find the next injection of happiness?

It’s inevitable that even our most longed-for career path becomes tinged with the tarnish of reality.  Not only do we contend with our very human tendency to become bored without stimulation, we understand that we’re powerless to avoid life’s only constant- Yep.  Change.

So what should we do when boredom looms on the horizon and our cubicle starts to feel like it’s just a little too tight?


Keep going.

There is no reason to believe that any path leads to a permanent utopia, and no reason to settle for just one passion.  Should a sense of restlessness make an appearance in the daily waves of your emotions, pay attention.  Rather than trying to ignore or bury this feeling, free yourself to follow it. Find out just where it may lead.  Run headlong into the uncertainty because nothing enhances the feeling of dissatisfaction faster than feeling trapped without options.

Explore the possibility of braving new paths. All of them.  Allow yourself to seem unsettled and flighty.  Indulge in your curiosity and follow the flow of interests.  At the worst, you may find that the place you thought you’d permanently park your talents no longer suits you.  Give yourself permission, at that point, to recreate yourself and your interests.  You are not a fixed entity and humans don’t actually grow roots.  Move with what comes. You’ll either find a new gig, or discover that because you don’t feel stuck in the path you’ve chosen, you’re free enough to actually enjoy it.


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