Day 16, 30 Days – Here’s What’s Next

It’s time to shift Life’s Focus.

In the grand scheme of things, while the loss of a job can be devastating, it’s usually manageable compared to the impacts of other life events such as a catastrophic illness or even loss.   Its those transitions which can either shut us down, or open us to change.  What I hoped to accomplish with this #30days project is to further open myself to experiencing the positive nature of change.  I’ve been testing discoveries made in the past few years to see whether they hold.

It was during that time that I began taking a really in depth look at life’s biggest questions, especially as I tried to understand how to better navigate so many times of uncertainty.  While in the middle of my own explorations, I’d been working together with others to do the same, very often while they were also in the midst of huge challenges and even devastating loss.

My biggest takeaway from working with others as well as on my own view, is that there’s absolutely no real formula on to how “fix” life.  There’s only the possibility of a more open and more complete experience of living it through our own lens rather than someone else’s filter or idea of what life IS.  The experience also lead to a discovery that life already has its own ease and “flow”, and that I could just stop trying to swim so hard against it by trying to live up to false ideals that don’t match my actual experience.

2015-06-23 20.11.56-1

The plan here is to freely share that lens.  Before shifting the trajectory of this blog, I wanted to review the past 15 days as they relate to that lens I’ve mentioned.

 1.  We’ve talked about the joy of finding our passion.  It’s a notion that’s incredibly simple and yet elusive. That’s because we don’t recognize ourselves in our own interests and instead keep trying to navigate someone else’s map. I think I’ve pointed out that it’s not our fault that we do this. It’s just a matter of conditioning by well meaning parents and other adults who give us pre-boxed definitions of safe ideas about “success”.  We’ve separated Play time from Work Time and no one has given us permission to blend the two.

2.  We’ve talked about breaking loose from conditioning.  Identifying and breaking unconscious habits is the idea which started this blog.  I wanted a means to loosen patterns I hadn’t realized were ingrained.  This task should become a lifelong pursuit as they’re nearly invisible, but just like all things in the natural world, our lives are made up of them.  A decision to take on a #30daysofchange project is a good start to making us aware of how we move through the world as snails through another’s trail, or ants on a straight line march.

3.  We’ve talked about living boldly.  I hope that along with me, you’ve also discovered ways in which you’ve acted in ways both bold and wild a lot more often than you may have realized.  So, the question is.. how do we regularly tap into that free spirit?  The answer was to find what we do for Love.  And then to follow the impulses that come from love more often than someone else’s map of how life “should be”.
And what about that new lens on the world?

In ways large and small we’re all working through changes, and it seems that we can cycle through self-improvement or coping tactics which work only short term or marginally.  But there’s a way of looking at the world that can help in any situation in order to diffuse a negative impact and bring more ease and peace of mind.  The plan for is to openly share it.

For the second half of these 30 days, I’d like to talk about what I’ve learned as I continue to navigate my own time of change.  I’d also like to share the resources which have helped me so far, and some I’ve created.  Of course, your mileage may vary, but I’m happy to pass it on to you.

When looking for my passion and purpose, I suspected I knew where to find it.  It was only a few years ago that it began to come together, and now that life’s seen fit to make more of my time available, I do believe that it really needs to be paid forward.


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